Message from the head manager

In the name of the one who bestowed wisdom upon man

I would like to first express my gratitude for the stakeholders, shareholders, managers, engineers, and experts whose sincere and unrelenting efforts have smoothed the path for the progress as well as the enhanced qualitative/quantitative performance of Zamin Kavan Kimia Pardis Mehr Co.  

I have unwavering faith that all the individuals and units of this company firmly believe in appropriate and precise planning, establishing institutional discipline, practicing indefatigable efforts, and utilizing the most recent science and technology, through which they have accelerated their success and brought the company to the international level in the quickest possible way.  

I have unwavering faith that the most effective and vital asset of a company is its human force, a bright star illuminating the nighttime dark roads of victory.

I, as a shareholder of this company, have unwavering faith that assuring the satisfaction of our stakeholders is only feasible through attracting the satisfaction of the other shareholders, whom we deem to be our personnel, customers, society, and environment. The emphasis on our institutional responsibilities is the intellectual and executional essence of our company.

Through abiding by laws, maintaining scientific stance, creativity and innovation, transparency towards authorities, and meritocracy, we have been able to attain and preserve great achievements and to ensure a brilliant future replete with victory and wisdom.

I hope that in the light of the Almighty and his fathomless power as well as our relying upon the resolution, knowledge, expertise, experience, and endeavor of the managers and personnel, the company shall enjoy greater prosperity than ever.

In God we trust

Hossein Keshaee Arani, the chief executive officer of Zamin Kavan Kimia Pardis Mehr Co.