About us

What do we exactly do in Zamin Kavan Kimia Pardis Mehr Co.? Our company comprises numerous departments, which are engaged in mining as well as the mining-related industries. The most essential, active departments of our company are exploration and prospecting, engineering affairs of plants and equipment, including design (basic and detailed), supervision of execution (site supervision), supply management (purchase engineering), and commercial affairs. There are several other independent departments in this company, functioning as business units, such as the department of construction and decorative stones, whose most prominent product is superb Elixir marble. Our products have enjoyed substantial shares in both domestic and foreign markets. Another important business unit of this company is our copper department which operates in afflation with Kappeh Halvai Anarak copper mine.

Our approach to management is one of development as the function of the departments, units, and activities of our company is most akin to the function of an incubator. In conformity with this planning and policy, each department shall obtain its legal personality as an autonomous business unit through carrying out various related projects within several years of operation and manage its activities independently in the market and industry.

We, as Zamin Kavan Co., are well aware of the significance of mining and associated industries in the country and international level. Therefore, we persist in enhancing our capabilities in research and development along with various areas. We value our customers’ satisfaction and cherish our human force and personnel as our second most important and strategic stakeholder, only after our customers as the first.