Anarak Copper Mine

Extraction and processing of copper ore to produce copper cathode are among the most important, future programs of Sepahan Mines Kimia Company and Zamin Kavan Kimia Pardis Mehr Co. The rich copper deposits in different zones of the country and the need for this valuable element in the domestic and foreign markets propels us to invest in copper production.

After investigation the technical, economic and commercial aspects of the copper industry for years, Zamin Kavan Kimia Pardis Mehr Co. officially entered the copper industry in 2015 and started its activities in this field with the copper mine of Kappeh Halvayi, Anarak. This mine contains more than 100,000 tons of potential deposit. We would like to announce that at the moment the research and exploration processes have been concluded, the exploitation license has been obtained and the processing line is in progress.