Code of ethics

Righteous people are who fulfill their promises when they promise.

Zamin Kavan Kimia Pardis Mehr Co. began its operation as a company active in the field of mining and the related industries. The personnel and managers of this company are committed to act according to the principles and regulations of the country and endeavor to please and treasure the clientele and to attract the maximum satisfaction of the customers as they deem the company and their own progress contingent on the realization of the abovementioned concepts. In this regard, we, the personnel of this company with the grace of God and the satisfaction of the customers on mind, take an oath to always remain obligated to conform to the following ethics in order to accomplish the goals of this company, to provide high-quality and valuable services to the customers, and to progress towards institutional superiority:

We shall see God as the constant observer of our deeds as we will abide by the moral principles, such as piety, justice, honor, and moderation.

We shall comply with the rules of the country and administrative regulations of the company.  

We shall cherish our customers as the major asset and business partner of the company as well as a means to the success and advancement of ours and the company, so we shall consider ourselves obligated to honesty and trustworthiness towards them as we see the company’s benefit bound to that of the customers.

We shall operate according to the benefit of the company and that of the nation and country alike.

We shall regard ourselves accountable towards the society and environment as we try our best to preserve them along with carrying out our social responsibilities.

We shall conceive the humane integrity of the personnel as an essential part of our institutional principles and value and respect the seniors, managers, and colleagues.

We shall see research, creativity, and innovation at the core of the path towards the goals of the company as well as a crucial means of our success.

We shall eagerly value any criticism, comments, and suggestions from our customers and colleagues and regard the expectations, needs and complaints of our customers as strategic opportunities for the improvement of the procedures within the institution as we shall utilize them to promote ourselves and our company as well.

We shall constantly strive to enhance the institutional experience and knowledge and share it with the other colleagues in the framework of the regulations.  We shall attempt to reciprocate the investment of the company on our training with the proper execution of our tasks as well as producing and providing accurate and sufficient documentation to transfer the results of our activities to our colleagues.

We shall use the resources and facilities of the company favorably and avoid prodigality with practicing wise frugality and acknowledging the interests of the company in executing our responsibilities. We shall also avoid any misuse of our job positions, discrimination in our working interactions, and disclosure of the institutional information and secrets.

We shall be committed to conform to the discipline and decency of the work environment as well as maintain our appearance in accordance with Islamic culture, especially Hijab.

We shall display diligence and solemnity in performing our tasks and responsibilities and shall be precise and punctual.

We shall pay constant attention to the most important institutional goal which is the ever-increasing improvement of the company.

We shall practice respect and justice towards our rivals as we believe that competition is only feasible through following the professional etiquette.