History of the company

Zamin Kavan Kimia Pardis Mehr started its operations in 2014 as one of the largest and foremost subsidiaries of Kimia Holding Company. The main objective of the company's establishment is to perform the administrative and operational activities and processes of Kimia Holding Company.

The signing of articles of association in the presence of shareholders, selection and introduction of the members of the board of directors, and other related activities were dully and quickly performed, and eventually, Kimia Kavan Co. with the registration number of 52485 in the company registration office of Isfahan, commenced its operation officially as a private company in 2014/8/4.

The attitude of all the elements of the company, including shareholders, managers, and experts is to carry out their activities in a scientific and professional manner as they seek to keep informed about the latest scientific findings in the country and the world as well as to exploit the innovations in performing their duties. The main activities of Zamin Kavan Kimia Padis Mehr Co. are in the field of mining engineering, including prospecting, exploration, extraction, and processing. In the first months of its operation, the company has carried out and concluded exploratory operations in various areas of the country in a satisfactory manner.

The managers and planners aim to improve their activities quantitatively and qualitatively alike. In this respect, the company has focused on exploring and processing construction and decorative stones along with commercial affairs associated with mining in recent months.