Crushing and Processing of Minerals

Minerals extracted from mines must be processed in order to be used in the industry. The concentration of low-assay minerals is increased through a series of thickening and beneficiation operations to render them suitable for their use in the industry, and unwanted components (strips) are removed through processing. The first step of mineral processing is crushing, through which, the mineral grains with desirable and usable size are obtained. Designing the crushing and processing line is of great importance in order to achieve the stipulated technical and economic goals. Designing proper crushing circuit, optimization, and control are the key factors in this regard. Above 70% of processing costs is inflicted by the energy consumption of this section. Zamin Kavan Kimia Pardis Mehr Co. functions in the field of crushing and processing the minerals and is ready to cooperate with the companies and mines in two sectors:

 a) Consulting and design, supervision of execution, and supply management.

Designing crushing lines and mineral processing

(Feasibility study, experimental studies, and pilot studies)

supervision of the execution and supply management of crushing line from localizing to operation

supervision of execution of crushing and processing line

b) Executing crushing and processing projects

project execution and optimization of the crushing line of iron ore plant of Sarab

Employer: Sepahan Mines Kimia company

Design (basic and detailed), execution supervision (site supervision), project management (supreme supervision), and supply management of concentration plant of Sarab with the capacity of 400000 tons per year

Employer: Sepahan Mines Kimia company

Design (basic and detailed) of concentration plant of Sarab with the capacity of 500000 tons per year

Employer: Hami Kimia Sana’at company

1- Designing industrial sheds

2- Designing and installing devices

3- Delivering and starting-up the plant

Design and installation of crushing line of limestone ore of Nyan Minab, Hormozgan, Iran. Autumn of 2009

Optimization of crushing and processing of iron ore of Sarab of Kurdistan, Iran. Autumn 2012